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Level Editor - the game - released

2009-11-10 08:30:16 by KingDotCom is proud to present Level Editor (the game) to Newgrounds!

Edit the platforms to your advantage as you jump around the level! Can't reach the key you need? Build an elevator! Getting crushed by gigantic spiked balls? Create some spikes of your own to destroy them! 50 levels with an increasing difficulty curve.

Level Editor is developed by Sigma Studio and sponsored by It's the first game in a series of games that we hope will entertain and challenge the Newgrounds gamer community. Enjoy!

Level Editor - the game - released


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2009-11-10 09:55:09



2009-11-10 09:58:42

It's a pretty fun game actually.


2009-11-10 12:36:49

The Hi-Scores and 'See Solution' link both appear to be broken. :(

They link to but I can't find any Hi-Scores or solutions listed on the page it directs me to.

(Updated ) KingDotCom responds:

The links seem to be working fine for us and most other people. It's possible that you perhaps have a account and Cookie through for example Yahoo Games, which would make it impossible for you to access this game on (you would be redirected to the Yahoo-skin of, which doesn't have the Level Editor high scores or solution).

BTW, feel free to host Level Editor on ArmorGames. ;)


2009-11-11 06:16:05

My review wasnt bad at all, vital or not the gameplay is still hard, many peeps are tired of stickmen, i gave you some good points, i reviewed it with no insults and gave more than 0.


2009-11-13 15:13:11

loved it